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Yup, that's (some of) us!

As a whole, we are a happy, passionate, and

pro-active young group. Get to know our personal background in more detail below!


At TREATS there are two types of members: we have active members and punctual members. Active members commit by sharing their passion more regularly and also have a direct influence on the way the association is run. Punctual members, or as we like to say "pop-in members" are just as important but they share their passion in a less regular manner. 

The commitment and enthusiasm of the TREATSquad is something that we are proud of, and we are happy to have a platform to share our positive energies and actions on!

Lauriane Boosten

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Passion: Dance

Founder and President of the TREATS Association

With a Master in Humanitarian Project Management and a deep love for dance, Laurie could not be more happy and grateful to be a part of the initiative. As a strong believer in the general social power of sports, she hopes to co-develop a platform for people to feel good, and do good. The ultimate motivator is to play a role in improving the life of vulnerable children and empowering them by building their self-confidence and self-worth through the practice of passions. 

Jessica Barbaranelli


Passion: Music

Co-President of the TREATS Association and Treasurer

Passionate about events and management, Jessica is our “event planner” and oversees the management of ongoing projects. Particularly sensitive to charitable work, her conviction is to “give of her person and her passion for others”. Jessica's aim is to bring people together by creating unforgettable events to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Ghana.

She also has a deep love for music and is delighted to be sharing some tunes on our platforms!

Sophie Allerkamp

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Passion: Yoga & Hollistic Health

Co-President of the TREATS Association and Yoga Instructor

Sophie is one of the three trained yoga teachers at TREATS. She is also known as the “health guru” because of her great knowledge in gut health and Ayurvedic medicine. Sophie is currently based in her hometown Hamburg while her mother continues to build a lodge on the coast of Ghana. It is in fact thanks to her mother that TREATS and TEABAG started to collaborate because the charity works in the same village of the hotel, namely Mankoadze village. 

Lisa Pistocco

Passion: Yoga

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Lisa started to practice yoga four years ago and has never stopped doing it since then. She is a primary school teacher who spends most of her free time improving her yoga technique and sharing her love for the practice by giving outdoor sessions in the surroundings of Monaco as well as online. 

Lisa is excited for the developments of TREATS as an association and as a platform to make a change. 

Kevin Toso


Passion: Workout & Sports

Kevin is a trained engineer with a passion in fitness and sports. He grew up in Monaco and he is now following a course to become a trainer.

He decided to be a part of TREATS because he believes in the power of passion and that of sharing a variety of activities on one’s same platform to keep people motivated to try new things. His slogan is “train differently”. 

Carlos Gonzalez

Passion: Music

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Raised in family of musicians and great singers, there is no coincidence in Carlos’ love for music. He has been a DJ for over 8 years now and has pulled people on the dance floor in Spain, The Netherlands, the United States, France and Taiwan. What Carlos loves the most about music is its universal power to gather people.  

Dimitri Carozza

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Passion: Cooking and Music

Dimitri joined the team in the summer of 2020 for our very first Festival. As a trained chef and with admirable experience in the sector, he has shared his love for cooking with the participants of TREATS events ever since. His other passion is music which means he is also involved in projects that relate to songs and the music industry. Dimitri is always up for new and exciting projects!


Andrea Zanetti

Passion: Design & Photography

Design, arts and scenography are the things that Andrea truly excels at, and where her passion lies. She is involved in multiple aspects of TREATS, from decorating our event venues, to creating products for the Boutique and hosting online workshops... and there are many more ideas she hopes to bring to life! 

Elodie Webb

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Passion: Cooking & Design

Elodie's quiches have simply become... wait for it... legendary! Since joining the TREATSquad, she has shared her love for food and cooking by serving delicious tapas at the festival, sharing seasonal foods on our social media, and being of support to her colleagues in the food team.


With a degree in Spatial Design, Elodie also provides an overview of the scenographic and artistic sides of the initiative.

Anders Boosten

Passion: Yoga & Vegan Cooking

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As the youngest member of the team, Anders brings a lot of energy and positivity to the team. She trained to become a yoga teacher in Amsterdam and has a real interest in making TREATS reach its potentials. Being a vegan herself, she is also involved in the cooking projects. Make sure to check out her videos on our YouTube channel: you will find a series of yoga sessions and sit-down chats.  

Storm Boosten

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Passion: Cooking

Born and raised in Sitges, a little coastal town next to Barcelona in Spain, Storm has always loved cooking and has brought delight to the participants of his cooking workshops at TREATS. He works as a chef in his family business and has had the opportunity to cook for a high number of guests at bootcamps, weddings, restaurants and hotels. 

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Thomas Sparta

Passion: Music & Alternative Foods

Techno and electronic music is what Thomas is most passionate about. After DJing for our Festival, Thomas has remained involved in the TREATS team by sharing new music, general content ideas, and lots of jokes!

He is also a part of the food aspects of TREATS by making the team and participants discover alternative foods. We are keeping the mystery for now...make sure to stay tuned!

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