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Since the start of TREATS in May 2020, we have had the opportunity to organize many different events both in person and online. 

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Passion can be shared in so (so) many ways! Sometimes passion can even be sensed and shared through one simple look, a smile, or a gesture. 

At TREATS we have chosen to "materialize" the sharing of our passions through three main channels: online retreats, wellness festivals, and pop-up events. 

All of our events are organized with the aim of connecting people and sharing a fun moment to learn something new and practice something that participants and members love! By doing so, our events help support the work of the TEABAG charity in Ghana. 

Online Retreats

So far we have organized two retreats, which we name "(re)treat yo'self".

The first edition is in fact what got us started in the first place. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020,  a few members decided to join forces and share their passion by planning a one-week virtual retreat. This was a donation-based event and the sessions were shared through ZOOM. 


We decided to dedicate the second edition to the Christmas season! This time around, more activities were offered and we decided to use a pass system whereby participants would contribute a reasonable fixed amount to access the online sessions. We had over 130 connections from 10 different countries, and raised a consequent amount of 510 euros!

Wellness Festival

In July 2020, we organized our very first TREATS Festival in the South of France. 

This was a one-day wellness festival aimed at offering participants the chance to pick and choose from a varied timetable. 

Thanks to this event and the generous support of the participants, we were able to raise approximately 900 euros for the TEABAG charity!

It's hard to describe the energy and general positive​ vibe that could be felt that day, so to make things easier, check out our short video below. 

Classes & Workshops

Alongside the online retreats and the wellness festival, we also offer pop-up events.

So far, we have organized three different yoga sessions in France, Germany, and Spain. 

We have had the pleasure to get some of these events sponsored by ecological brands (e.g Southern Shores Yoga) and collaborate with local businesses such as the go-to vegan delivery company Belly Full of Love in Sitges, Spain. 

If you would like to host an event in your own city, please let us know! We would love to hear about your idea and support you in any way possible. To register, please click here and fill in the "Make an Impact" form at the bottom.



So far, thanks to our international members, we have been able to host events in France, Germany, and Spain. 

When it comes to our online events, the reach is limitless! 

In the past, we have had the pleasure to welcome participants from Monaco, France, Britain, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Ghana, Kenya, Taiwan, The United States, and The Netherlands.

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