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By joining our activities and events, you are directly contributing to improving the prospects of students in Ghana.

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TEABAG is a UK-based charity that was created in 2001 “to support the education of young people in Ghana by providing basic equipment, books and educational facilities”. They also offer a sponsorship scheme for students in three village schools to cover the cost of their school uniforms, shoes, examination fees and opportunities to take part in regional sports activities. Today, TEABAG sponsors over 300 students.

The Schools & Technical College

COVID & The Food Program

The Entrepreneurship Program

In 2009, TEABAG decided to open a Vocational Training College in Mankoadze to offer students the opportunity to learn employable skills after graduating from school. The course extends over a period of three years during which 150 students get to choose between a variety of courses, including: 

  • Building & Construction

  • Electrical Installation

  • Catering

  • Textile & Dressmaking

  • Information Technology 

Next to the college, TEABAG also supports three primary schools in closeby villages. 

In addition to providing education, schools often secure one meal for students per day. This is the case in many countries around the world, and a lot of families rely upon this system.


Since the COVID-19 virus hit the village of Mankwadze, schools have had to close, putting greater pressure on families to feed and provide for their children.


TEABAG responded to the demand by developing a food program. Thanks to this initiative, TEABAG has been relieving pressure from families by distributing meals on a regular basis. 

The Vocational Training College has recently set up an entrepreneurship training program! 

Thanks to this program, students who accomplish their degree, get the opportunity to kick-start their own business, by bringing their ideas to life in a sustainable and ethical way. The to-be entrepreneurs are guided and supported by qualified mentors throughout the program.

Find out more about the personal journeys of the students below.


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Chef at Work

From student to manager

Olivia has completed the Catering course at the Teabag Vocational Training School and has now been offered an indefinite contract at the Ripples Lodge.


She has now become head of the

kitchen crew at the lodge! 

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