5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Passion this Year

2020 really showed us the importance of practicing something we love and this is, in fact, one of the main reasons TREATS was created in the first place. For our very first blog post, the team has come together to share some of their top tips with you on how to make the most of your passion, how you can improve, and how to stay in love with the practice.

Everyone can feel disconnected from their passion at any given point. Whether it be because of work, personal reasons or changes in your lifestyle, we might start moving away from practicing our passion. If this happens with a real hobby, you'll probably soon come to feel down and frustrated. Now, how can we avoid this feeling and actually make the most of our passion? Let's get started!

  1. Make time

“I've written some of my best lines when I didn't feel like doing it. [...] Times like these make you never want to miss out on writing.” - Julian, music passionate.

Whatever the passion, most of the team members agreed that time and consistency can play a key role in staying connected to the practice. While you shouldn't come to feel resentment towards music, yoga, sport, cooking or any of the other hobbies, you should make sure to make time for yourself and your passion. Look at it as a self-care moment. A moment that you can dedicate to working on your skill set, stimulate your creativity and build on your knowledge... and then do that on a regular basis.

This will also help you feel less frustrated or annoyed when the urge of practicing your passion kicks in while you're at work, or in a not-so-adequate environment. All you need to do is remind yourself that you've got an appointment with your passion at a dedicated time in your day, week, or month.

Our friend Ned, who is a music passionate, said that consistency is "basically a cure for the fear of ageing because rather than being like oh f*** I'm 40 now, you're like wow, I'm 40 and have therefore reached that level of mastery of [insert passion] that, back when I started, seemed so distant". Who needs ageing creams when you have a passion?!

2. Stay curious

Over time, you might become pretty good at your passion. In fact, you might even end up making it your full-time job! To keep it exciting but also stay up to date, you need to maintain your open-mindedness and a certain level of curiosity for the way the practice is evolving with time. Whether it be new dance styles, new types of foods, new yoga techniques, new technologies... whatever it may be, stay open to continue learning new aspects of your passion.

One way of staying curious is to challenge yourself. You can do so in many different ways! "Sometimes the creative process is too broad and can take you to unproductive places" says Carlos, "so when you establish parameters it helps you to focus the creative energy much better." In other words, you might decide to practise your passion by following certain parameters: test out a recipe with a limited number of kitchen tools, or maybe, like Julian, try write a song without using certain words (e.g you, me, us, etc...). Another way of challenging your curiosity, according to Dimitri, is to find inspiration from places that have nothing to do with your discipline (e.g. finding inspiration for a choreography at a cooking contest). Keeping yourself on your toes is a great way to continue learning and staying curious.

Here are some other sources that can help stimulate your curiosity:

- Magazines

- YouTube

- Podcasts

- Friends and family

- Celebrities

- Instagram

- Travels

... and obviously the TREATS platform!

3. Be kind to yourself

"Passion is (for me at least) hard to rationalise and so I have to accept to let it go sometimes, and equally let it come back to me naturally." - Lauriane, dance passionate

Give yourself time to process, digest, reflect and accept.

There might be times in your life where you don't have the mental space to practice your passion or, for whatever reason, you might not feel so connected to the practice. Creativity isn't flowing, you struggle to get yourself to practice and next thing you know, you haven't really connected with your passion in two weeks... sh*t happens! It's OK.

Don't beat yourself up when you are not at the place you want to be. Everything in life takes time (#wise). In one way or another, you will be pulled straight back to that yoga mat, that gym, music studio or kitchen... trust us, you will! With a little motivation and self-disciple, you will get back to your practice in no time.

But it's important to allow yourself to take a break and be kind to yourself when things don't go as planned, you will come to appreciate your passion even more. By doing so, you will build a safe-space where you can escape and explore your skills at your own rhythm.

4. Write down your ideas

Ideas might (...usually!) pop-in at the most random times: while doing groceries, at the cinema, on a walk in the mountains or maybe even on your date night!

To avoid missing out on this potentially amazing idea, always make sure to note down your thoughts. Once you find the right moment, you will be able to dig into it to a deeper level, test it out, share it with people who's opinion matter to you and most importantly, sleep on it.

Writing ideas down gives you the opportunity to process and digest thoughts without feeling like you need to think about it constantly. Once it is noted somewhere, you can leave it and come back to it as time passes, and let new ideas flow.

5. Share your passion with others

There is something so special in sharing something you love with friends, family or even strangers. Don't you agree? The simple action of #sharing provides an instant space for exchange, inspiration and growth. The beauty of this is that it usually happens on both sides of the exchange process, whether you are the one sharing or the one observing/experiencing.

At TREATS we truly believe in the power of sharing your passion to connect with people, no matter where you are, or what your background is. You will most likely always find someone who shares the same passion, wants to learn more about it or has something to teach you.

When sharing your passion with others, you are also making yourself vulnerable to outside perceptions and opinions. While this is usually a great opportunity to grow your self-confidence, it might also be a challenging experience if you get negative feedback. In this case, it's important to remind yourself who's opinion matters to you, and that a practice always has a certain degree of subjectivity which is personal to you. The way you do things might not be what people are used to, but this is maybe exactly the beauty of your practice... what makes you unique! Keep developing your skills, exploring sources of inspiration and sharing your love for the practice.

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Contributors: Jūlijs Melngailis, Ned Stranger, Dimitri Carrozza, Lauriane Boosten and Carlos Gonzalez Gray.

Published on the 20th January 2020.

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