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TREATS is an association registered in the Principality of Monaco, created and run by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, and ambitious individuals, guided by a common feeling: PASSION

The initiative started back in May 2020, in a time where a global pandemic and strict social distancing rules forced people around the world to put their life on pause. Doing something that you love and sharing moments with people became essential parts of many people's mental and physical well-being. 


This is when we decided to embrace this period of confinement to bring people together by sharing our personal passions with the world. Thanks to technology and word of mouth, we have had the chance to organize multiple online events and retreats.

We have also had the opportunity to engage with our participants in real-life by hosting a wellness festival and several pop-up events in France, Spain, and Germany! 

Find out more about our events here.

The team has only continued to expand, and so has the array of passion we share through our classes, discussions, and workshops. 


TREATS aims to create a space for social interaction and sharing. By being active, learning new skills, and meeting like-minded people, we hope to offer pockets of positivity and joy to our team members and participants.

To expand the benefits of our events even further, parts of the funds collected at our events and through our boutique are used to support the work of the TEABAG charity in Ghana. As a team, we want to use our passion to bring change in the life of participants while facilitating access to education, sports and work opportunities to children in need.


Find out more about our charity work here.


We share our passion through different platforms and means.

Our three main channels are the events, the boutique and our social media page. 

Our events usually offer one or more types of sessions (class, workshop, discussion, etc) which all revolve around the passions of the team members. The latter mainly focus on cooking, sports and music.

To further support the development of TREATS and our commitment to our charity work, we 

set up a boutique through which we sell artisanales candles, prints, African batiks and branded clothings.

Lastly, to stay in touch with our community and continue sharing our passion no matter the circumstances, 

we feed our social media accounts with themed guides, short workouts, easy recipes and many (many!) more

interactive posts. Don't miss out!

The Association.


Would you like to support our initiative? Do you know someone who 

would be interested sponsoring aspects of our development?

Shoot us an e-mail!

Registered in the Principality of Monaco, the TREATS. the association is a legal entity that aims to organize events, workshops, and gatherings to achieve humanitarian and developmental goals.